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I like nothing better than cleaning, talking about cleaning or thinking about cleaning! It's true - I love finding out about the origins of our most used household items. Everyone has to clean at some time, right?

The Ancient Egyptians kept themselves spick & span with a substance called Natron. This is like an ancient version of bicarbonate of soda, and they not only kept their homes clean, but it acted as a preservative and used in the embalming process.

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My name is Marie Savage, I've been a self employed domestic cleaner since 2005. I was inspired to create my own cleaning products when I realised that I didn't want to clean my own oven with harsh chemical oven cleaners!

After some trial, and a lot of error, I created a unique range of freshly made cleaning products using simple & traditional household ingredients. Just like Granny used, but given it a modern twist with beautiful essential oils. We believe that cleaning your home without suffering from the unwanted chemical consequences. Our products have never, and will never be tested on animals.

My Business Tips

Keep positive, and never give up on your dream!

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