My Buzz

Cushions made using waste denim.  The charity shops get more than the scrap value and I get lots of denim to remake into cool, unique cushions. Handmade in the UK and shipped worldwide.

My Bio

Hi I'm Lynn, I live on the edge of the Lake District and the North Sea.

55 years old, obsessed with anything to do with interiors, my style loves range between hipster junk shop, Scandi minimalism and as the wallpaper in the back of my wardrobe was described - a cross between a gentlemen's club and a brothel.

I love making the cushions out of vintage denim, I sew professionally, so no need to worry that they are just cobbled together.  My most exciting sale recently was to a major film companies props department, no idea where they will be used but if anyone sees patchwork denim cushions with vintage orange floral panels in a movie let me know (please let it be a cool film rather than... gritty).

Hope to see some of you at #SBS2024