My Buzz

#SBS has helped to raise my profile on Twitter and has been a great help in getting PR with my local newspaper. Since my #SBS RT I have had a piece in the Journal for 3 consecutive months. It's great to be part of such a proactive community.

My Bio

I am a mother of 4 kids I am very proud of, based in the North East of England. I found I had a passion for Social Media so set up my business I Am You Limited and through this I concentrate on what I enjoy the most - networking, both in person at events and through the use of Social Media.

I have now trained over 1500 North East Businesses in the correct, most effective, use of Social Media, and enjoy nothing more than the moment when the point of Social Media and the realisation of its benefits, finally clicks.

I have so far won 3 Awards, this one from Theo of course, Winner of Most Outstanding Learning Tutor 2011/2012 and Runner up in Best B2B Service Provider 2012/13

My Business Tips

Network - you may not enjoy it to start with, but every good business needs a good network of people around them. There are many different forms of networking but I find that regular attendance is the most effective. Don't go in to networking thinking you are going to sell - realise that you are there purely to raise your profile and build relationships.

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