My Buzz

I am very excited about my #SBS win and feel like I've been floating ever since. Previous #SBS winners have been very welcoming and I've gained lots more followers on twitter as well as an increase of sales on my website. I'm going to continue riding the wave and hope this feeling never ends.

My Bio

Isa Marie Skincare is a business owned and run by Marianne. As with most ladies, Marianne loves using creams, lotions and scrubs but one day when she looked closely at the ingredients of some of the products she was using, she realised that they contained many questionable chemicals.

She decided to do her research and learn how to make her own exfoliating scrub using natural ingredients. Her first scrub made her skin soft and healthy looking with a wonderful glow and she wanted to learn more and expand the range. Marianne was so excited about her discovery that she encouraged her friends and family to try the products and they loved the products too. Many friends had suffered with various skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis and after using some of the products they found that their skin conditions had improved dramatically. The Isa Marie Skincare Brand was born.

Every product is tried and tested by Marianne, her friends and her family and to comply with current UK and EU Cosmetics Products Regulations, all products have passed a Cosmetic Safety Assessment.



My Business Tips

I'm still very new to business and have been very lucky to have a network of supporting entrepreneurial friends, old and new. Some of the key things I've learned are to set goals and be realistic about them. Keep a record of what works and what doesn't. This helps to inform progress and change.

I'm very passionate about my business and everyone I speak to sees that. It's very important to have passion for what you do as it will help you get through the difficult times. And my last tip is to go for it. You can do anything you put your mind to!

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