My Buzz

Discover the transformative power of nature with It's Scent. Our skincare products are meticulously crafted from the finest botanical ingredients to provide effective solutions for anti-aging and menopausal skin. Embrace your natural beauty with confidence and grace.

My Bio

Hi, I'm Lynda, the founder of It's Scent, a UK-based skincare business dedicated to crafting natural products with botanical ingredients. Inspired by the power of nature, I started It's Scent to provide effective, natural solutions for anti-aging and menopausal skin. We also target acne prone and problem skin. Each product is carefully formulated with ingredients like repurposed coffee grounds and green tea extract to nourish and rejuvenate. We are proud to incorporate sustainable practices into our business model, ensuring that our products not only enhance your beauty but also minimize our environmental footprint. Our mission is to help women embrace their natural beauty with confidence and grace while contributing to a healthier planet.

My Business Tips

Embrace Evolution: Just as nature evolves, so should your business. Be adaptable to changes in the industry and consumer needs to stay ahead.

Stay True to Your Roots: Just like a tree stays firmly planted, stay true to your brand's values and mission. This authenticity will resonate with your customers and build trust.

Community over Competition: Your fellow industry members are not competitors but allies. Collaboration and support lead to collective growth and success.

Believe and Achieve: Believe in your abilities and take bold steps forward. Mistakes are part of the journey; learn from them and keep moving forward with no regrets.

Focus on People: Your business is built on relationships, both with your team and your customers. Invest in people, and they will build your business alongside you.