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Things for Jamm have really taken off over the last few years. This is our newest video for the doorstop. It was amazing that Alan Fletcher did the voice-over!

My Bio

Jamm is a product design company based in Cornwall GB. We started designing and developing our first product in 2012. We are in business to provide high quality and logical solutions to everyday problems.

We currently have 2 products for sale, and 3 products in development.
Our first product is the Doorstop. It is the most effective doorstop in the World and the only one to ever pass the EU safety tests. Other doorstops hold the door from one side and are easily dislodged, the Jamm doorstop holds both sides of the door at the same time.
Our second product is the Egg Roller - a kitchen device that keeps eggs in order of freshness, and fresher for longer.
All manufacturing is outsourced to ISO accredited manufacturers here in the UK.

We currently sell our products in Europe, North America, and Hong Kong. Stockists include Toys R Us, Lee Valley Tools, Sainsburys and Lakeland

We have now designed a hands-free door handle which is grade 4 tested and made using biomaster.

My Business Tips

Make lists, put them in order of importance, stick to 1 task until it is completed, then move one.
Lots of small steps take you a long way.

Keep going!

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