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We make award winning craft cider using apples that would have otherwise gone to waste #lesswastemoretaste

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In 2016 we launched ‘The Anglesey Cider Project’ to make use of the many apples & pears grown on the island that were going to waste. By making a plea via social media for local residents to contact us if they had unwanted fruit, we were overwhelmed by people offering their surplus.
So began the task of picking and collecting the fruit from all over the island. This ranged from single garden trees to larger orchards, some of which were located in Red Squirrel Woodland areas across Anglesey. This became the inspiration behind the Jaspels logo.
In May 2017, we entered our HERITAGE Cider into the WELSH PERRY & CIDER SOCIETY CHAMPIONSHIPS in South Wales, winning a SILVER MEDAL and BEST NEWCOMER AWARD.
Jaspels Craft Cider is traditionally made using a handmade wooden press method. The freshly pressed juice is then fermented over various periods of time and carefully blended to produce a wide variety of ciders
As we rely on apple donations to make our cider we can never repeat the exact recipe for each year and that makes Jaspels Craft Cider pretty special.
“A True Taste of Anglesey”
Our list of ‘Apple Donors’ is growing each year and as a “Thank You” we give back some of the finished cider the following Spring.

Janet & Ade

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Have a plan and stick with it through good and bad times.
If it was easy everyone would be doing it.
Fear is a natural process of business.
Keep pushing yourself.
Make time for yourself from time to time.
Keep a notepad by your bed for those genius 4am ideas!

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