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To be part of the #SBS family is so wonderfully supportive, I am incredibly privileged and honored to be here, from the minute I couldn't keep up with all the r/t's and follows its been fabulous.
As many of you are too, being a part of the bigger picture when you work from home by yourself is invaluable, to have a team on the other end of the Facebook button is comforting.
Please pop over and say hi on Twitter or Facebook I Look forward to meeting or doing business with you in the future. If there is anything i can help you with please get in touch.
Jo x

My Bio

Hi i'm Jo the founder owner of Jo Macfarlane. The Company was formed in 2009 when my son was 1, when i was working as a Long Haul Air Hostess, I knew being away lengthy periods whilst having a young child wasn't for me.

Art and entrepreneurship has always been a constant in my life since a very young age, from appearing on a series of magpie after winning an art competition, to making things from beach combing and selling them to unsuspecting tourists.

My Interior business incorporates my Luxury, opulent scented hand poured candles, all poured by me at my kitchen table in small batches.

I now scent Scottish Hotel of the year 2016/2016 Rufflets Country House Hotel, St Andrews and worked closely with them to create a bespoke candle for their public areas.

My travel candle features in a Scottish based rapidly expanding company called Holiday Essentials, who provide Holiday Homes with a deluxe 'My Scottish Box' welcome hamper.

In January 2016 I pitched my candles to Liberty in London alongside 600 other businesses.

To share my skills at candle making I run small workshops for 4 people, to learn the ancient art and take home the knowledge to enable them to make in their own kitchen too, I am going to be donating 10% of these to Sreepur Village a charity to help destitute women and children in rural Bangladesh.

My other passion is hand painted Antiques, my mother used to have an Antique shop I love the 'rescuing' of pieces destined for landfill.

There are a lot of developments to expand my company globally in the future , so please look out for these on my website or Twitter.

ultimately eco, renewable, sustainable, charible is what floats my boat.

My Business Tips

*Love what you do.
*I used to be an avid multi tasker, but now I focus on completing one task at a time.
*Treat everyone with the respect and integrity that you do.
*Take time in building valuable relationships in business and grow organically.
*Trust your gut instinct, and if a door doesn't open there is usually a good reason and something better round the corner for you.
*Win or 'Learn'
*Under promise & over deliver.
*The only way to get a ball rolling is push it yourself.
*You don't have to see the entire staircase, just take the first step.
*A handwritten note goes a long way.

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