My Buzz

Every one of our handmade travel keyrings tells a unique story, one full of wonder and joy. We're on a mission to help people remember the good times, spark exciting conversations and inspire others to see the world.

My Bio

Journeys Made is a unique gift business specialising in handmade travel keepsakes. Our product range includes leather travel keyrings and engraved destination tokens, each representing cherished travel memories. The idea is that customers collect tokens for each new destination they visit and add them to their keyrings, creating a personalised collection of memories.

Combining her love of travel and passion for crafting, Jade Scammells founded Journeys Made in January 2021 after closing her online travel agency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She was left feeling overwhelmed by the constant changes in travel regulations and made the difficult decision to close the agency. This gave her the opportunity to rediscover herself. She channelled her energy into crafting and created the first Journeys Made travel keyring, capturing memories from the 21 destinations she had visited. Although she was no longer in the travel industry, travel remained a core part of her identity. And so, she transitioned from helping people plan their future travels to helping them remember their past ones.

Over the years, Journeys Made has helped thousands of customers cherish their memories, provided corporate gifts to numerous businesses, and has won multiple awards.

My Business Tips

- Don't let yourself stand in your own way.

- Keep showing up because you never know who is watching. My first, and biggest corporate order was placed by someone who had been following my business for 2 years prior.