My Buzz

Joyful And Mellow is a brand of alcoholic luxury alcoholic spreads hand made to bring joy to your tastebuds.

Made from the best wines and liquors we follow a detailed process to ensure the richness of flavours are retained and concentrated to maximise the taste experience.

Versatile in the way you can eat them and simply delightful with either savoury or sweet food.

We currently offer 10 flavours:

Prosecco with a hint of Strawberry and Edible Gold
Gin & Lemon
Port Wine with a hint of Blackberry
Blue Curaçao and Orange
Rosé Wine with a hint of Raspberry
Triple Sec Marmalade
Irish Cream

Our unique JAM alcoholic spreads are an excellent choice of gift, wedding favours and of course to have in your pantry!

Without doubt they will be an added welcome to your shopping basket.

My Bio

I am a mum of 3 wonderful children, a wife and a business woman.

Although I studied Chemistry in College in Brazil I never really used the knowledge in a conventional way. My periodic table always had very special elements in it. Elements that brought me to England.

I guess we cannot go very far without the elements on the periodic table so here I am, using this equation containing 3 elements C2H5OH (or should I say alcohol) to combine exquisite elements and transform them into equations of pure pleasure for our taste buds.

My Business Tips

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again. I don’t really remember how many times I have started something which didn’t get very far before ditching it and trying something else.
Get your product known as quickly as you can and if people start buying it you know you may have some mileage in it. Facebook advertising is also a very cheap way to start spreading the word as you can set a low budget and see what happens.
Be as creative as you can. There are so many people making/selling the same kind of things that they don’t stand out.
Get good with numbers or find someone who is good with numbers. They can be quite overwhelming and you need to know where you are financially at all times!

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