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My Bio

JuliansVeg was established in 2008 by Julian Negrut who, after spotting a gap in the market for fresh produce, decided to set up his own business.

Prior to this Julian had worked on a local farm planting and growing seasonal fruit and vegetables but after several years selling the produce at monthly farmers' markets he began to realise that his customers wanted to be able to buy his locally grown fruit and veg more than once a month.

It was a big step to become self employed but with the support of family and friends Julian decided to go for it. With a small grant he devised a business plan and designed his own website before investing his savings in a van and stock.

After a lot of hard work he now has a successful delivery business which covers homes and businesses in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders; he opened his first shop in 2011; he still attends regular markets across the region and grows much of his own produce.

Setting up his own business was a chance worth taking and four years down the line JuliansVeg is going from strength to strength!

My Business Tips

Have a clear goal in mind, planning is essential.

Get support from family and friends, it can be tough sometimes and you need people you can talk to.

Don't expect immediate success, learn from your mistakes and build on what you've achieved.

Keep on top of paperwork and remember importand deadlines for things like insurance, tax and VAT.

Work hard, nothing is worth doing unless you do it properly.

Most importantly, talk to your customers, find out what they think about your products and services, after all without them you'd have no business!

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