My Buzz

#SBS instantly gave me a greater following and therefore a greater opportunity to spread the word about Junior's Pantry. Our meals are currently only available from Ocado so marketing to an online community is an effective way communicating with our customers and potential customers.

My Bio

I worked in the City for many years as a Sales Director - I tried to have it all and ended up stressed and miserable. I had the opportunity to leave which I grasped with both hands so I could spend more time with my girls. As a first time stay at home mum I found I was doing a lot of cooking for the girls and then for my husband and I. When I looked for a healthy alternative in the supermarkets I found plenty of options for Toddlers but nothing for older children. So I did some research and the results of this convinced me that providing busy mums with a healthy, guilt free alternative to cooking every night was definitely a winner! Although running a business is hard work I have so much better balance in my life, I can be the mum at the school gate and have enormous job satisfaction from hearing from customers how Junior's Pantry has made life a little bit easier for them.

My Business Tips

Junior's Pantry makes one pot meals for children aged 4+, our dishes are balanced and made just like a mother would at home with no nasties or preservatives. They are the perfect guilt free alternative on those busy nights when between, swimming club, Brownies and Football practice there isn't time to cook from scratch.
I love food and cooking for my family, so it made sense for me to start a business in a world where I really understood my customer; I'm a busy mum and I want the best for my children but I know what a juggle it can be after school. I think empathy with your customer is key and understanding your market - it would have been no good me starting a business targeting Welsh sheep farmers, I have no idea what their life is like or what could help them!
Running a business on your own is tough, but hugely satisfying, if you have a great idea, take the risk and have a go, you never know it might be a success.

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