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Garden design for all.

Online design or 1-1 service to suit your needs and budget.

Creative, attentive and innovative service.

Everybody deserves to have a beautiful garden!

Whether your plot is a few square metres to an expanse of a few acres, your garden can be your place of relaxation, entertainment or just mindful pottering.

Your garden is also a valuable asset to your property, a well thought out design with attractive areas can also increase it's value.

My Bio

I am Kaye, a mum of 3 sons and a qualified Teacher of Science. I have always loved the biological science behind plants and agriculture along with the physics behind construction and landscaping. After a few years of leadership in Secondary schools a natural next step for me was to tie in my knowledge and interests together by studying RHS Garden Design, hence Juniper Garden Design was created.

My Business Tips

Be patient, kind and care about every detail.
Be kind to yourself!

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