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#SBS has made us extremely proud that #SBS recognise what we already knew this has given us great courage and is currently sending our twitter through the roof which is giving @kchukltd huge brand awareness

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As a mum of three children who love imaginative play and the outdoors, I was amazed at the lack of imagination inspired with kids houses in the market place today, which led me to realise there was a huge gap for products which will turn heads and give us a product that you will know each and every time is a Kids Crooked House UK product. Along with my business partner we run Kids Crooked House UK and we do this primarily because we love and believe in our products and also because we know we are on the right tracks of being a very successful brand.

My Business Tips

Believe in your products. Kids Crooked House UK was created through a passion. We work extremely hard at our business but this is made easy for us because we have the passion and drive to make it a huge success.

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10% off all products from Kids Crooked House UK @kchukltd to #sbs winners. Valid until 28 April 2014

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