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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business after day one of being a winner it has raised awareness, introduced to me to an exclusive club and given me a very good story to raise the profile of our business. The future looks bright.

My Bio

The site’s idea was conceived through personal experience when one of the founders became a father for the first time. He was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things a baby needed. One minute he was buying a Moses Basket the next he was buying a cot.
Never before had he seen a lifespan of things to be so short. Clothes, toys and even furniture very quickly became surplus to requirements and was swiftly packed away in the attic to sell or to give away.

He began to think it would great if there were a dedicated site to buy and sell kids’ goods. One that had parents and children at the heart, one that wasn’t just about commerce.
He thought about his own experience. He thought it would great to have a site that offered advice and relieved some of his anxiety when his baby wasn’t well. One where he could ask straight questions and get straight answers. A site with a sense of community and honest values at the core. He also thought, wouldn’t if be great if this site demonstrated this sharing ethos by contributing to children’s charities. And last but not least wouldn’t it be great if the site could save some money for already financially stretched parents.

So he began to write a business plan and discovered that the more he researched the more that building a site like this made sense. He found out that there are over 700,000 babies born every year in England and Wales. He found that in the first year of a baby’s life the average cost they will accumulate over this 12-month period is a staggering £3000. And he found out that the children’s clothing market is worth a staggering £6 billion per year.

So he talked to a couple of friends to make it happen and that is what they did.

Here’s what Kids like new is all about:

For what it’s worth, we’re into worthy causes.
It’s good to give. That’s why we give a percentage of our profits to charities and worthy causes that are close to our hearts. So every time YOU BUY, you’ll get to choose which charity will benefit, then WE DONATE.

Recycling and re-using.
Our site is not just about buying and selling \'barely used\' kids\' goods, it’s about respecting and preserving the world that we live in by recycling and re-using. It’s about putting a smile on Mother Earth’s face, creating more space in your home and giving you some extra pennies to spend.

Community spirit.
We’re about community. Our blog is great way to meet people online, learn about local groups & services and if you have something to share then put it out there.

My Business Tips

Work hard. Be tenacious. If you have an idea put it into action and realise it.

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