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Winning #sbs immediately raised our profile. The win got people talking about us and inquiring about what Hoopsatrz is all about. It increased our facebook and twitter followers.

My Bio

Kidz R Fit began in April 2007 with just me and 2 hours work. I started the company having taught fitness to adults for years and realising how many adults had disliked exercise as a child, which then led to them being an unfit and overweight adult.
Our good reputation began to grow,work increased and I took on people to deliver sessions. What we did was great however there were still so many children who were reluctant to participate no matter what we delivered.
This is when I created Hoopstarz our amazing and unique Hula Hooping programme. Up to date music is used in the sessions which adds to the atmosphere and makes it almost like a party, with choreography, tricks and games to be learned. There are hoop wars to be won and skills to be mastered making it a high energy, fun packed programme. It appeals to all children and is particularly effective for disengaged pupils and those who prefer non-traditional sports. This was what we wanted to achieve! The reaction and buzz it creates everywhere we go is totally amazing!!
I can't describe how I feel about what we have created, that we are the only people in the UK offering anything like this too only adds to the buzz I get from being the creator. The fact that we could be helping in some way to reduce childhood obesity, increasing confidence and self esteem and engaging more children in fitness makes me so proud.
Recently going national means we can help improve the health of more of the next generation.
Hoopstarz! Its a Revolution!

My Business Tips

Stay professional at all times, don't use fb to rant or call another company/person
Put good simple systems in place
Associate with positive people
Believe 100% in what you do
Tell everyone about your USP

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