My Buzz

#SBS has welcomed KIK into the world of a very unique business networking family, from genuine, loyal, hardworking and intellectual individuals, as well as providing recognition within our industry and field. buzzing to be part of the SBS family

My Bio

Car mad individual who spent 10 years in property develpment, and estate agency to realise my real dream and work with cars...
just 2 years into my business, we now have a customs division, repair centre, and valet and detail vehicles for large insurance companies, building companies, supercar enthusiasts and celebrities

too much to write here so just ask

My Business Tips

I play the long game, focussing on total client satisfaction, we go the extra mile in all aspects including logistics, costings and quality of work
Reputation to me is everything, and recommendation is the key to business
to me it isnt a conveyer belt..... Each and every customer needs to receive a bespoke service.
Rapport, transparency, quotations that are accurate, reliability and honesty will hopefully end up being my USP :)

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