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What an incredible community, the Twitter account has been on overload with messages of congratulations and support from existing SBS family members and the wider community. Visitor numbers to the site have increased as well, I'm fascinated to see what develops. The business and Theo's tips section, the SEO advantages and the press advice on this site are going to prove invaluable I'm sure.

My Bio

Knot Only was set up in October 2010, out of a love of scarves but a feeling that most other fashion etail sites treated them as an after-thought. I chose scarves because one size just about fits all, I don't have to keep a size range and they are lightweight to post out, easy to buy as gifts and also because they are a great way to update an outfit without breaking the bank. I have 3 images of each scarf on the site so the customer knows what they are getting, and so far I could count the number of returns on one hand. As a fashion buyer in a previous life I felt that I had the commercial eye to make a success of this, but of course hadn't appreciated how different an online business is from a traditional store-front business and the challenges ahead. Two years in it is growing steadily, but has been a labour of love and has presented many new and unexpected challenges, it has been a lot of fun along the way and I've met some amazing people and am continuing to develop new skills all the time.

My Business Tips

Keep trying, if you have a gut feeling that it is a business worth fighting for but something isn't working, then try it a different way and learn from what other people are doing, network and listen to others viewpoints because when you are running a small business it's easy to get caught up in your own way of working. If you have an etail business, keep a constant eye on the competition and if you are looking to climb your way up the Google ratings then talk to as many SEO geeks as you can because they all have a different take on it and have something interesting to offer.

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