My Buzz

Rock your on-camera presence, video marketing and social media marketing strategy.
I’m Kirsty van den Bulk, an experienced video strategist coaching organisations, small business and individuals to maximise their video marketing strategy and consult on effective Video and Social Media Marketing.

Coaching and Consulting Services : 

  • On Camera Coaching
  • Public Speaking Coaching
  • Webinar presentation Consulting and Coaching
  • Video Marketing Consulting and Coaching
  • Social Media Consulting and Coaching
My Bio

My History: Actor and Presenter, Sales Trainer and Channel Manager, Field Sales and Event Management

Born with a speech impediment, (I know what it is like when words fail you!), but with a lot of help and determination I got my first gig at the age of 8 starring in a TV advert for Heinz Baked Beans.

I supported myself as an actor by working as a Make Up Artist, Sales Trainer, and Event Manager. This gives me a unique offering where I look past what you are going to say on camera.

Whilst in manufacturing channel sales, I worked with my clients and their customers to win large scale projects. I learned how to coordinate and work with people building a harmonious relationship with everyone involved.

During my tenure in Channel Sales, I was the go-to person between the internal and external product and marketing teams ensuring the go-to-market message was consistent, on brand and on message.

The culmination of my qualifications, experience and skills has led to the foundation of KVDB in 2020, my consultancy and coaching agency that is effective in increasing an organisations marketing efforts.

I merged my experience on camera and video production, with the skills of presentation and clarity of expression and years of sales and marketing into one package that can be tailored to my client’s needs.

My no-nonsense approach to communication has supported clients who work in recruitment, security, shipping, environmental services, education as well as drama students, business coaches and entrepreneurs.

All my clients have one thing in common, they want to speak confidently during a webinar, live interview, as part of a video marketing campaign and on social media.

My mission is to bring together your sales, marketing and social media teams and create content that converts.

My Loves: My Family, my podcast ‘The Wise Why’ and my life

“The Wise Why” is a collection of weekly, unedited live interviews of inspirational men and women, packed full of real life and true motivation.

My passions outside my business is my family and the simple things that go with being a wife and mother like: baking fresh bread and making jam from the fruits from my garden and allotment (I always plant extra to make sure the hungry caterpillar 🐛 can eat his share).

I enjoy volunteering my time speaking at women’s conventions and forums, empowering women in business. In March 2022 I won the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Award.

My Business Tips

Be Succinct, on brand and on message when presenting on camera or speaking to the room.

Stop pitching and start showing how you serve and add value.

Stop chasing trends for business, video content costs time and money. Focus on evergreen content that can be repurposed and reused improving the return on investment.

Be yourself and enjoy what you do.

My Latest Offers

Visit KVDB's home page and download your free ebook designed to help you speak with confidence in public, on camera and across all your content marketing :

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7 Steps - Be Camera Confident

6 Public Speaking Tips

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Whilst you are there watch over 70 video tutorials and shorts packed full of tricks & tips to help you speak with confidence and create content that converts.

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