My Buzz

When I won #SBS in May 2010 I was completely shocked, it was only the second time of trying! My Twitter feed was going crazy and I gained a LOT of new followers immediately following my win. I also had a spike in orders in the same week - coincidence? I think not! Thank you Theo!

My Bio

I am a graphic designer (as well as a busy wife and mother) with a professional background in print and digital design. A love of beautiful typefaces and typography coupled with a head full of lyrics means my papercuts are made with love and joy.

My papercuts are all original, designed, hand cut by myself or lasercut. Each one is different, unique and as personal as the song, lyric or sentiment is to you or your loved ones. I frame them using beautiful glass aperture frames, meaning the papercut itself is sandwiched between two sheets of glass with a frame surrounding the glass. This has the added bonus of going with any decor, and they cast beautiful shadows in the right light.

I truly enjoy creating my papercuts, I enjoy the emergence of the design piece by piece. It's almost like being a sculptor or an archaeologist... cutting away until you reveal something beautiful.

My Business Tips

Customer care is essential - always treat customers as you would want to be treated. With care and respect.
Never sit back on your laurels - always move forward and strive to be better
As Journey once said - Don't stop believing!

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