My Buzz

#sbs has been a great boost to my buisness & has introduced me to some great contacts and helped promote me

My Bio

I own an antique shop in Callander that is very different from most antique shops. My mission is to inject the antiques trade with a shot of fun and quirkiness. I started trading in antiques from an early age and have knowledge of the traditional side of the market, but it’s the quirky side that I find really fun. from 15th Century Pirates chests to Victorian electric shoock therapy machines, I love anything different. I write about antiques and collectables for many magazines and newspapers and I also appear on the television as an antiques expert. I am currently filming a new program for channel 4 which is very exciting.

My Business Tips

My Tips for anyone wanting to succeed in the antiques trade are;
1) Have Fun (this is the most important)
2) Listen to the older generation, then you can learn from their mistakes.
3) Always buy the best you can.
4) Trust your gut reaction
5) Never leave home without cash in your pocket as thats the day you will find the object that will make you some money.

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