My Buzz

I was so excited and overwhelmed when my phone went mad on Monday evening, it even bought a tear to my eye!

We've had such a great response on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Everybody in the #SBS circle has been incredibly friendly and welcoming. This has given me a huge confidence boost and believe me, I needed it.

My Bio

Multi-award winning laser cutting, engraving and marking company and manufacturers of laser cut stencils for commercial, industrial and personal uses.

Laser Inspired Designs was born in 2013 from the proceeds of selling the family car to put a deposit on a laser cutting and engraving machine. We had absolutely no clue how to use one, what to do with it or what to make!!

Since then, Laser Inspired Designs has gone from strength to strength where we design and create personalised gifts and offer our laser cutting, engraving and marking services to businesses and individuals.

UPDATED 2018 - We've now added a great new service - Custom Stencil Cutting Service - for commercial, industrial and personal use, to help clients advertise their business, events, awareness, branding, etc quickly, easily, affordable and cost-effective. The custom reusable stencils are laser cut from Mylar which is a strong and flexible plastic which can be used a hundred times over.

We're also in the process of designing and creating our own stencil collection for home decor, craft projects, furniture up-cycling, soft furnishings etc. - these will be available to purchase in the SBS Store and on our website.

My Business Tips

Trust your gut instincts!!
Don't let anybody tell you, you can't do it.
When things go bad, don't give up or given in - there's always a solution.
Charge what you're worth - not what the customer thinks you're worth.

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