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At LEDience, we create bespoke LED ambient lighting displays, with a variety of graphical designs sandblasted onto the glass.

Perfect for all requirements; Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or personalised for a special occasion. Alternatively choose one of our designs just to match your own home decor or interior styling.

Handcrafted from a family-run cottage industry, we design and produce stylish and contemporary LED lighting displays.

My Bio


I am Richard Peel, founder of LEDience Ltd

I carry out the design and manufacture of the LEDience products and pretty much everything else to do with LEDience!

Prior to this, I originally trained in Electronic Servicing and spent five years as a bench engineer servicing audio equipment. I have also worked in electronics administration roles and for a manufacturer of consumer electronic products in the audio industry. For the last nine years I have been and still involved with weather monitoring equipment.

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