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Twitter has been buzzing all morning following my win yesterday evening, a new enquiry and loads of visitors to my website. Thank you Theo!

My Bio

My name is Sue Kerrigan and I am the founder of Let Me Learn – learning resources for teachers and parents to help dyslexic and struggling children learn. I’m dyslexic and I’m a teacher. I teach in a school part-time and I’m a private tutor teaching children with learning differences – just like me. As for my own education I didn’t start excelling until I got to University as a mature student on a course that was very hands-on (multi-sensory). I never read a single book (I dipped into a few but reading and comprehension are where my difficulties lie). Mainly I asked a lot of questions and achieved a First Class Honours Degree.

I see time and time again that the best way for any child (or adult) to learn effectively is when they’re having fun. Education is essential for a fulfilled life and the process of gaining that education must be fun and enjoyable because that is the best and easiest way for anyone to learn.

My business has grown by sourcing products from around the UK - mostly made by ex-teachers who have brilliant ideas to help children learn. And I have my own product line which is positively blooming! My first product is Bulldog Letter Reversals which helps children learn the difference between 'b' and 'd' and my second product is Football Maths - this is really new and I'm getting some amazing feedback on it. This is the product that cuaght Theo's eye and helped me win #SBS.

I'm an Advocat for Dyslexia - in July 2012 I set myself a mini Olympic Challenge to cycle 212 miles raising awareness and funds for the British Dyslexia Association. I raised just over £600 in 10 days. I'm also a Committee Member of the Hampshire Dyslexia Association where I look after their website and general support the Dyslexic Community in Hampshire.

I'm a keen twitter user and on Facebook too, I love chatting with my customers and sharing the things that I do that make me laugh when it comes to dyslexia. Stop by and say hi on twitter: or facebook:

My Business Tips

* Persistance, persistance and more, never give up.
* Be yourself, after all, who wants a copy of anything?
* Don't under estimate the power of Social Media - learn how to use it
* Never be afraid to ask for something
* Never give up!

My Latest Offers

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