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Let’sDate Crate is UK's premium date night box company.
Started from a small flat by a couple who lost their jobs during the pandemic, Let’sDate Crate is on a mission to celebrate love by enabling couples to share romantic, immersive date nights from the comfort of their homes. Our themed crates are delivered to the couple’s door and contain everything needed to set up quickly and have a fun-and-flirty adventure.

My Bio

Keenan & Anat are a young(ish) married couple living in NW London, both with confusing accents. We grew up in various countries and have been in London for nearly 4yrs. We both lost our jobs during the pandemic and decided to take a hold of our own destiny, and start a business that we are both totally passionate about.

>Background in bookkeeping/accounting
>Energetic and entrepreneurial

>Background in event planning and coordinating
>Creative, organised and has meticulous attention to details

My Business Tips

1. Partner with someone who has a different set of skills to you. This will ensure that in areas you struggle, your partner will make up for it.

2. Avoid the all-too-common "analysis paralysis". We're learning that business has a lot to do with going out there and testing your ideas in the market, and then adjusting based on the market response. So the earlier you go out there the better!

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