My Buzz

I am really passionate about making everyone happy and working with lots of other small businesses. I believe we can all collaborate and work together. I am a great problem solver and never ever give up! I love fixing things and I love bringing ideas together and seeing the finished product. Designing new Products and bringing them to market is so exciting.

My Bio

I am wendy and I run this business with my daughter Libby who is 13. We created this together from her designing the labels and us creating each of the scents. I am really passionate about making everyone’s home smell divine with our beautiful diffuser and having quality candle to burn in their home. We are always creating new scents and designing new products. We are looking to bring a few new products out later this year as well as our signature ‘lavender’ scent which will be amazing!

My Business Tips

Never give up and do not be afraid to try new ways of working. Being organized and setting goals is really important. Never be afraid to lean on others and If you can’t do it ask someone else as someone will always be able to help you. Sometimes things can go wrong so just work around it. Always look at positive’s even if it is not how you envisaged. Take time out for you and your family. Health, keeping fit and good food really matter so look after yourself and always be kind.

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