My Buzz

#SBS gave us a real boost in exposure in a key time just before Christmas, web site traffic took a huge boost!

My Bio

Liberty Games are a retailer of games room equipment through our online shop as well as our Epsom based showroom. We've tried our best to bring customers products that before the advent of the internet many just didn't even know where to buy!

Of course delivery of our products is hugely important to us, as let's face it most of what we sell isn't small, and often requires set up on site - which is why we have trained our own dedicated couriers (after a fair bit of experience using bad ones!).

My Business Tips

Try and offer products which satisfy customers need at a great price!
Ensure a positive interaction with the customer from the first click of a website through to the delivery person knocking on their front door.
Give Theo a discount if he's after another arcade machine for his house - well it was worth a shot!

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