My Buzz

#SBS has introduced us to a whole new set of businesses, and ultimately raised our overall profile as a manufacturer/supplier of a very unique game!

My Bio

In my time I have been instrumental in a number of projects, some successful, some not so, but when I had the eureka moment and developed the idea of LIBRIUM, there has never been a dull moment!
The combination of a game and a drink of some sort kind of took my fancy, so after a few hard weeks of testing the theory of the game of LIBRIUM in local pubs... I knew I was on to a winner.

My Business Tips

What ever it is you are making, promoting or dealing in, there is only you that can make it happen. Be open to suggestion then stand back and analyse, take the odd calculated risk, take note of criticism and act upon it positively and learn how to delegate effectively.

My Latest Offers

Buy a LIBRIUM Game and spread some Balance and Chaos...FREE branding on 1 game for all #SBS winners(worth ยฃ4.95)!

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