My Buzz

We've just launched our BIGGEST Life Poster yet! Introducing the Frazer 86 XL - our new A1 sized photo collage to show off 86 of your best photos!

My Bio

Life Poster began when my husband designed and printed a photo collage for a birthday present and we had so many comments about where/who did it, we decided to turn it into a business. My husband is a web and graphic designer and I love photos so we make a good team!

In this increasingly digital age all our memories sit on our hard drive or phone and we don't get to enjoy them as we could. Life Poster exists to change this! We want you to enjoy your photos every day.

My Business Tips

Customer service is key! A core Life Poster business principle is to be super attentive to our customers throughout the whole process of creating their life poster - we have great testimonials to reflect this.

Don't give up - keep going. In order to succeed you need to persevere.

Research all your product and business costs at the start to ensure you are going to have a profitable business.

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