My Buzz

We love being creative and pushing ourselves to learn new skills. We always try and push boundaries when creating lights because we believe that a light should be fabulous even when it's switched off. We really enjoy working with clients to bring their dream light to life.

My Bio

Emma always wanted to recreate the Charles Rennie Mackintosh copper shower in Hill House, Helensburgh. Unfortualtey, we ended up making a budget version (a VERY budget version). We had some copper pipe left over, and as Emma is loathe to waste anything, Jim decided to see what could be done with the pipe. He made a redimentary copper-pipe light, which he showed to Emma.

Instantly Emma saw something in his creation and suggested a design. That design was the Curly lamp. From there we have gone on to make many unique and beautiful lights including a giant spider's web and a life-size rib cage.

My Business Tips

Be patient, things won't happen overnight, it takes time to build a business.

Don't be afraid to try something different.

When it comes to marketing, don't be sucked into paying 'experts' to do it, no one knows your buisness better than; you are your biggest fan!

Never undersell yourself. Coming up with an idea and creating something from scratch is a talent to be proud of.

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