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We love ANYTHING for the home. we really do mean anything. We firmly believe your home should represent you and your family and should be full of beautiful and unique things.

But what is unique? There isn't anything quite as frustrating to find something incredibly awesome in the shops. Proudly hang it up to find it in your best friends home the following week.

No one wants to see their home replicated in someone elses.

That is what we do, we aim to bypass the 'mass produced market'. Shout 'NO' to machine produced items and create something bespoke and unique (yes, we have used that word again) just for you.

We work with signwriters vinyl and create beautiful items.. A gorgeous handcrafted framed item for you? Or a most perfect gift for someone that has everything (Our products are great for wedding gifts by the way)

Have enough frames? we also handcut, drill and treat welsh and spanish slate for hanging signs. Each slate is completely individual and bespoke due to the handcutting process and nothing like any of the thin mass produced precut slate you will find in any large craft store..

We have lots of designs all ready to go.However we pride ourselves on creating custom designs. The limit really is your imagination.

My Bio

*Awkward Wave*

Hi everyone. My name is Belinda and I am the 'maker' behind the products at Lilybels. I set up Lilybels in September 2015 after I saw a gap in unique and bespoke gifts. I was disappointed by the 'main stream' gift market and wanted to give a present to a friend that was a bit different, that no one else had.

So along came Lilybels. Each slate is handout by us and a 'one off' we can customise or personalise most of our products. Giving a truly special and personal gift,

My Business Tips

Dont compare your beginning to someone else middle. You don't know how long it took them to get there.

Provide an excellent customer service. I really cannot highlight this enough. A company who shows their customer that they are valued WILL come back, again and again.

Use social media. Promote your products, learn your SEO. it all matters.

Lastly, always remain professional and cool headed. Your reactions and posts on social media are a direct reflection of your business. Make it a good impression

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