My Buzz

So amazing seeing the new people joining the #SBS club each week. We're thrilled that our friends at @WhichGlasses have been selected tonight. It's wonderful the buzz it gives you. We love being a part of the community so generously created by Theo and his team!

My Bio

We design and handmake a super range of wooden products to complement the home and garden. We are THE original bird box company for a great range of creative nest boxes, but also make keepsake boxes, wedding post boxes and storage boxes. Products have appeared in a variety of home and gardens magazines and even on ITV's Love our Garden and the Alan Titchmarsh Show.
Whether you fancy treating yourself or want a unusual handmade gift for someone else, our products are a really original alternative!

My Business Tips

Use Social Media to promote your business - but keep it natural. Chat with other users about general stuff and their businesses too - after all no one likes the hard sell or a bore!

Get a website no matter what business you're in - even if it's just a single page telling people who you are and what you do. Most people search online these days to check businesses out before they use them. It doesn't matter whether you're a single builder, a maker of designer jewellery or an international businesses selling widgets - you need a website.

Get a mobile phone that allows you to email etc. Then as a small business you can compete with the big businesses by offering quick customer service.

Enjoy what you do. If it's your own business you need to love it to make the long hours worthwhile. If you don't love it them find something you do love doing!

Become an 'info-sponge'! There are lots of experienced people out there who are only too happy too offer help for free. So whether it's asking a question on Twitter or reading a blog, there are plenty of opportunities to 'soak-up' information

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