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My Bio

My name is Marna and I am based in the North East of England, on the border of the North Yorkshire Moors where I grew up.
My company is called ‘Little a Designs’ after my gorgeous boy, Arthur. My work is hand stitched and painted by me alone in my home studio. By handling and loving each element I work on, by using stunning hand dyed threads & vintage threads and using an eclectic combination of materials I feel a personality and soul emerges in each creation. I want to give you something to treasure, something that you will want to keep forever. A modern day heirloom.
My roots are in fine art and I have been extensively trained in the field. I now spend most of my time sewing and dabbling with textiles to create my artwork. I have always sewn as a hobby and a way to relax and have got a small (I say small meaning large!) addiction to beautiful fabrics and pretty vintage buttons. I believe in using the highest quality, and rummaging for different textures and materials, old and new, in sources across the world. I concentrate on the texture and layering of fabrics, ribbons, buttons and colour to complement elements of the pattern, it’s all about the little details and creating a one off for someone to treasure forever.

My Business Tips

Be kind, positive, thoughtful. Strive for perfection. Be open minded, strong, and hard working. Have a sense of humour.

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