My Buzz

Hello! I run an exciting and truly unique activity class for pre-school children (age 2-4). We focus on a great book each week, chosen to be age appropriate, interactive, and fun to read out loud. We then learn a 'sound of the week': a simple phonics letter that's reinforced with fun games. We then do a cool art project inspired by our book. Our classes are designed in consultation with a reading specialist who has over 35 years experience in the classroom. I'm proud to have launched something that celebrates books and reading and that pre-schoolers and their families are already loving.

My Bio

I'm a former TV producer with a big love of books. I'm also a mum of 3 children , all under 10. This is my first business and I'm thrilled to have launched a unique kids' activity class that I couldn't find when my kids were under 4.

My Business Tips

Find something that you'd have loved/purchased/desired and make it the best it can be!

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