My Buzz

I am so grateful to Theo and the #SBS award- thank you for noticing my small but ambitious business!
I’ve always been a daydreamer & so what I love most about running my own business is being able to take my idea & run with it.
I have so much pleasure in seeing customers create & send their eCards- allowing them to fully personalise with their own message, photos, colours, fonts, music & special effects, it really does feel like my daydream lives on through others!
I am also passionate about everyone trying to do their bit, no matter how big or small, for charity & for the environment. So I’m delighted to have managed to incorporate these 2 elements within my business - with my charity eCard range for a children’s cancer charity & with my tree planting programme for subscribing customers.
In joining the #SBS family, I look forward to getting to know other like minded people for inspiration, advice & support.

My Bio

Like many people juggling a busy life of work & family, I struggled to get greeting cards to family & friends in time for birthdays & special occasions & could not find eCards that suited my taste. So in 2017, I started working with web developers to create the perfect eCard that combined all the beauty of a stunning greeting card with all the ease of an eCard, that could be sent by Facebook & email.
3 years & one web developer later, I finally launched LOLVE eCards mid pandemic in June 2020 and following a further site upgrade in July 2021, I am proud to say that LOLVE is now the most elegant & personalised eCard online!
My passion to deliver the ultimate product for customers has led me to work with some of the most talented U.K. based artists to hand illustrate my eCard designs. The stand alone charity eCard range for the Scottish charity TCCL: Tayside Children With Cancer and Leukaemia donates 100% of profit to this amazing charity.
Also, as a commitment to be an eco-friendly business, I plant a tree for EVERY subscriber to the LOLVE range of cards!
I am so excited to grow my brand further working with new U.K. artists to promote the wealth of talent we have in this country & hope to work with more charities too in the future.
LOLVE is short for ‘Lots of Love’ as this is exactly the sentiment of how I want my cards to be sent.

My Business Tips

My tip would be to never give up & have faith in your abilities. As a nurse for over 35 years, a wife and a mother of 3, I have utterly bemused everyone by ploughing ahead with my idea! But I knew I had a workable idea & the qualities required- being able to stay calm when there were issues, adaptable, willing to listen & learn, communication skills & an inner determination (some stay stubbornness!) to keep moving forward.
Keep people who support you close to you & others who doubt you at arms length.
Use doubters negativity as a fuel to spur you on - to prove them wrong.
Listen to critiques of your product- you might not like to hear it, but they might have a valid point & this will help you to evolve
Keep a clear vision of where you want to be in your head & even if some days are cloudy & obscure the view- keep walking onwards until the mist clears & you’ll be a step closer.
Try not to worry about the small details- it’s amazing what can fall into place along your journey.
I love & often tell myself the Scottish saying “What’s meant for you, won’t go by you” - so just enjoy the journey- I’m certainly loving mine!

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