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#SBS has affected my business in many ways. Firstly by providing great exposure on 7th August 2011 when Theo picked Loopyloops as an #SBS winner and retweeted to his 152k followers at that time. My Twitter following increased dramatically overnight and my website had over 500 hits in 2 hours that evening! And secondly, I attended the #SBS winners event and met Theo, where I have already benefited from the inspirational advice and enthusiasm he shared on the day, as well as meeting many fellow #SBS winners. And I know that the new #SBS website and exclusive membership for #SBS winners will be invaluable to me and my business. Thank you Theo!

My Bio

Mum of two, wife of one, budding entrepreneur and inventor of Loopyloops - wardrobe space savers! Tackling the nations congested and chaotic closets! Winner of #SBS 7th August 2011.

Back in the summer of 2010 I was wrestling with my wardrobe and the lack of rail space that I had. That, coupled with the annoyance of empty space underneath my hanging items, was when I hatched the idea of linking my clothes hangers together in a vertical chain to take the clothes hangers off of the hanging rail and use the empty space underneath. I was staggered by how effective these simple loops of household string were and how much rail space I had freed up.

And that was when it happened, the Eureka moment. Bang! "What if I could make the loops from something strong AND colourful".... "and perhaps I could add something to make it look attractive"....."and it would have to be made from naturally occuring materials"...."and packaged up beautifully".... "and",.... "and",... "and" brain was buzzing!

I then did research, lots of it, to see what wardrobe space saving devices were already in the market place. There was nothing like my idea. I then promptly booked up two appointments with Patent Attorneys to discuss Intellectual Property and how I could protect my idea. I subsequently filed my patent application, put design protection in place and also registered my trademark - three ways of protecting my idea. At the time of writing my patent application is progressing through the lengthy patent process.

I then made up a quantity of my wardrobe space savers - my Loopyloops - and rented a pitch at a local event where I set up my picnic table and portable clothes rail to show and demonstrate my Loopyloops. I virtually sold out within a few hours and lots of people commented how I should go on the Dragon's Den! One customer even asked me to sign his set of Loopyloops that he had just bought from me!

Since that first day of Loopyloops trading I have been making and selling Loopyloops ever since - local fayres and events, corporate offices, agricultural shows and also I now have 8 outlets where you can buy my Loopyloops. I have also designed and launched my Loopyloops website (21st July 2011) after which I began to enter Theo Paphitis' #SBS Twitter Challenge. Just three weeks later Theo Paphitis chose Loopyloops as an #SBS winner on the 7th of August 2011.

And that is how I ended up here, on the #SBS Winners website, sharing My Biography with you......

My Business Tips

1. Do your homework - see what products are already in the market place and research your competition. How can you differentiate yourself from the competition? What is your uniqueness?
2. Give the best customer service you can to each and every customer.

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