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Add something unique to your day and make it fun! Guests sign the
pieces with their names or a message and the newly weds have
something special to treasure always.

We would like to take this moment to thank Theo Paphitis and #SBS for this amazing creative venue and for selecting us as a SBS Winner. It is a great honour to be a winner of this prestigious award. The warm welcome we've received from Theo’s Followers has been amazing!

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Luxuries handcrafted Guest Book Jigsaw Puzzles, are cut one piece at a time and are individually tailored for special event! They are a unique memento of a special day and always a real show stealer!

Our Traditional Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles span generations and our personalisation options gives them a modern twist! We have the jigsaw for every occasion young and old alike, perfect for birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate favours, or the gift for that person we all know that is tricky to buy for!

Lorenzo Puzzle beliefs in traditional hand craftsmanship means every detail counts and every puzzle is hand cut with love.

Why choose a puzzle instead of a guest book?
– It’s more personal and a luxurious alternative
– It’s more fun for your guests
– This is one heirloom you’ll want to keep! It’s made to last for decades
– It’s a great piece of artwork, you’ll want to frame it
– Let’s not forget…it’s also a puzzle!

My Business Tips

:: If you love what you do and work hard, you’ll get there. It’s a really great feeling to create things and have people around the world buy them and say they love what you do.

:: Have fun, believe in your dreams and don’t give up!

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