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Translate & Localise Content in +90 Languages Sustainably & Globally

Lotuly helps B2B companies translate and localise their content (websites, apps, software, documents, etc.) effectively in +90 languages (globally). We plant 1 tree for every 500 words we translate. Our mission is to help create more caring relationships by enabling businesses and their customers to start meaningful conversations. Get a free instant quote:

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What to look for in a translation bureau
A human approach
If everything is automated, including the translations, this is often a bad sign.

For the customer:

Language is a human creation and translation bureaus should have a human approach. Look for bureaus that are communicative, use plain language and have real people you can talk to.

Exceptional customer service
For the customer:

Translation should be a collaborative process from beginning to end. Look for bureaus that will give you a single point of contact — someone who’s invested in your project and will take responsibility for making sure it’s delivered.

Realistic timescales and rates of pay
For the customer:

If a translation bureau doesn’t automatically agree to turn around your mammoth translation project overnight, it shows they care about the quality of their work.

A larger bureau should be able to adapt to meet the demands of your project, but it might involve using more translators.

Look for bureaus that pay their translators fairly. It shows the translators are valued and must be good at what they do.

Translators with sector expertise
For the customer:

If you work in a specialist sector, with its own language and terminology, you’ll need a translator with the expertise to understand it. Look for a bureau with translators who have knowledge in your specialist subject.

Translators who are vetted
For the customer:

It’s not enough to have someone who can speak two languages. Translators should be native speakers and skilled communicators. And they should understand the subtleties and nuances of the language. A good translation bureau will understand all this and will vet their translators thoroughly.

Independent editing or proofreading
For the customer:

The bureau should offer more than one level of quality checking. That means one person/machine to do the translation and another person to check it. This is a failsafe way of making sure your translated text is error-free and hits the right spot.

Additional things to check
Ask for recommendations
For the customer:

Ask people you know in your business circle, or on social media. See what bureaus are mentioned and why they’re being recommended.

Read the testimonials
For the customer:

See what other customers are saying. Read the good reviews and the bad ones.

Do the good reviews seem genuine and trustworthy?

If there are bad reviews, have lots of customers mentioned the same issues, or are they isolated incidents? Has the bureau responded and have the issues been resolved?

Look at the case studies
For the customer:

Case studies are a little more in-depth than testimonials and will give you more insight into how the bureau works and what they’ve achieved for other customers.

Looking for the best translation bureau?
Look no further.

Lotuly has a large network of skilled translators, based all over the world — and they’re waiting to start your project.

If you’re looking for more, Lotuly also offers:

  1. Human translators and quality controllers — no machines.
  2. A dedicated contact person for every client.
  3. Thoroughly vetted translators — many with specialist subjects.
  4. Fair pay for its translators and specialists.
  5. A tree planted for every 500 translated words.
  6. Impressive testimonials and case studies.

So if you need reliable translations you can trust, please visit our home page to get an instant translation quote, or contact us to discuss your specific needs with a real person.

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