My Buzz

#AMAZING....this is the only way I can describe winning my #SBS award! To make this even more special, it was also my birthday. I have had an overwhelming amount of congratulations and support via Twitter and other social media sites where I have been publicising my win! I have gained hundreds of new followers and many new customers. I am sure this will open up new avenues and opportunities for me to pursue and grow Lulus Boutique Designs.

My Bio

After spending several enjoyable years as a full time mum, and as my little boy grew older and started full-time school, I started to think about how to make use of the extra time I had available. I had previously worked in a Solicitors and Accounts office, but that just wasn't really me. I have always had a huge passion for both drawing and fashion, so I wanted to pursue something creative! Lulus Boutique Designs started out as a hobby in March 2012 when I completed my first hand painted, personalised jute bag for a friend. This sparked interest from friends and family who too wanted to create a bespoke design of their own. From this my little business was born! Since then I have continued to grow my business and have embraced the opportunity provided through social media to advertise my work. I absolutely love the interaction between me and my customer's when creating something unique and personal to them, whether it's a gift for a friend or a family member, a design to advertise their business or just a special treat for yourself, each bag is designed with the same creative flair and passion! I also offer worldwide delivery and have been very lucky to have received orders from as far as USA, Ukraine, Australia and Hong Kong!

My Business Tips

The key to my success has been engaging with my customers in a very positive way to provide a product that not only meets or exceeds their expectations but also my fantastic quality, speed and service. As a small, one-woman business I have made great use of social media to advertise what I do. This has helped me expand my customer base, develop some genuinely fabulous friendships and generate a positive feeling of self-confidence! I still have to pinch myself, I am doing something I absolutely love and I'm the boss too!

'Some people dream of SUCCESS, while others MAKE IT happen'

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