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#SBS has been a fantastic way to meet small businesses who form the majority of my client base. I help small businesses get their products and services noticed with great imagery and new clients include #SBS winners!

My Bio

I trained as a photographer in Nottingham when I left school at 16 and continued my studies in photography at Nottingham Trent University, graduating in 2001, digital photography was in it’s earliest forms and we developed each and every film using chemical processes in a dark room.

On location we would use polaroid film to test our exposures were correct before loading the film! 12 years later the industry has changed somewhat and the advances in imagery and style are exciting. The rate at which we can style, shoot and output a photo shoot is incredible.

Yet while technology advances, styling is heading back in time with the love of all things reclaimed and pre-loved responsible for many nostalgic styled photo shoots.

I love the kicked-back, rustic look and collect many of my photo shoot props from French flea markets.

I am the owner of Photocraft Photography Workshops & Online courses; teaching indie business owners to take their own great product shots, and also the owner of design agency Sorbet Design; offering small portions of design and print to creative indie businesses.

My Business Tips

Always be professional, you are your brand. Twitter is a fantastic source of gaining business, but is also a glimpse into your personal life and the way you work, so being negative or whining about a customer for example should be avoided.

When cash is tight make sure the one thing you dont make cuts on is your marketing, it is the thing that brings new business!

Delegate - if your skills are what make your business work then they are valuable, don't waste time doing book keeping, cleaning etc. Calculate how much you could earn in the time taken to do such tasks that you could be paying others to do.

When things get tough, never, ever give up.

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