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My phone has been going crazy since winning #sbs on Monday. I was just watching TV when I was flooded with emails! Fantastic Publicity!

My Bio

Skiing and snowboarding have been a big part of my life from a young age. I have always found that my ski/luggage bags broke or became damaged very quickly. They rarely lasted more than a year (Mainly because I overfilled them) and I became feed up of buying new bags every year.
After I finished a product design degree at Aston University in 2011 I decided to start a business related to this problem. I moved back to the farm in Somerset at the end of 2011 and began to experimenting with different materials to create a durable bag. I soon found some old lorry curtain lying around on the farm. I cleaned it, cut it up, bought a second-hand machine and made a ski bag. It wasn't the best looking thing but it was very tough.

After a bit of research I soon discovered there was quite a market for this type of product. This sparked my imagination and I began to make other products. I started using local sewing experts to make the products, who were MUCH better at sewing than me. I applied for a business loan through the princess trust in June 2012 and a grant through my local council. Both were approved and I began to design a small range of products. I later launched M-24 at the National ski and snowboard show at Earls Court London. I sold 70% of my stock, had a huge amount of positive feedback and have been trying to keep up ever since.

Since November:
1: Now working with the Stobart Group (Eddie Stobart)
2: 1st Place in Shell-livewire Grand Ideas award.
3. Working with Music artists.
4. Stocking various shops around the UK.
5. Working on the KINGS RD London in a popup store 18th-31st July.
6. Winner of Theopaphitis#SBS !!

I love what I do and I want to create the next big brand in the luggage market!

My Business Tips

THINK BIG! Don't be afraid to ask for advice.

The most influential form of adverting is word of mouth. Do something amazing that your friends and customers want to talk about! Great brands often have great stories...

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