My Buzz

Well it all started with a quiet night checking e-mails and catching up on work, when all of a sudden twitter lit up… We checked and we'd won ;o) This was a massive boost as we saw an increase in traffic to the website and also a spike in sales over the next couple of days. I think the biggest impact though is one that is so important when running a business, but one that cannot be measured… Confidence and the feel good factor. The confidence that you get from the recognition by a person like Theo is priceless.

My Bio

Made With Love Designs started life in 2005, as a girl called Clare in a bedroom in Oldham, just outside Manchester, designing and hand making wedding stationery. Things took off and the range grew to include personalised greetings cards. In 2008 Simon joined, this coincided with moving into their very first premises, ranges were expanded and they entered the world of interiors and gifts. Using their keen eye for a trend and love of great design things went from strength to strength and a move to a bigger studio and warehouse space with a dedicated team of staff soon followed.

The pair continue to lead the way in designer personalised greetings cards, cool gifts, on trend interiors and designer wedding stationery…. All cool classics, with a bit of a trendy twist.

With a strong eye for trends they are regularly featured in top press such as Vogue, Daily Mail, Daily express, top interiors and wedding mags also on TV and major blogs.

My Business Tips

I really do believe that you get out what you put in, not many people fluke into a great business that makes a pot of cash… If it was that easy, Everyone would be doing it and not everyone is, that’s because not everyone’s built for this life of early mornings, late nights, stress, fun, hard work, probably being totally skint at a few points and the absolute drive and determination that is needed to go on and succeed…. But if you have that, then you’re on the right track.

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