My Buzz

Most fairy tales today are locked behind a paywall of books and audio that many families around the world can't afford so I created the Magical Storybook: English Nanny Bedtime Stories podcast in 2020 to give free bedtime stories to the millions of children around the world who would otherwise never get to hear one.

It's Magical Storybook's mission to ensure that every child in the world can enjoy the happiness and escapism that fairy tales from their country can bring. No child should ever miss out on a bedtime story because of financial barriers.

The podcast has since attracted 2 million subscribers in 200 countries. I unearth and record folklore and fairy tales from around the world, so that my listeners can hear stories that belong to them and their own country. I also provide free read-along books that can be downloaded to help with English Literacy.

My current business model is to get sponsorship, or develop a business strategy that will enable me to reach even more children.

If anyone in SBS has the experience to advise me on how to take this podcast forward from a financial perspective, I'd appreciate a conversation.

My Bio

Former BBC documentaries producer, who mixes a love of history with a love of storytelling to make children's lives more magical.

My Business Tips

The name of your brand is key. Use Google Trends and see what words people are using to search for products that you sell. Then call your business that!
I've gained an audience of 2 million listeners without advertising - by just using that one concept.