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Bored of the ordinary, everyday and unexciting we search far and wide for unique and interesting products that you won't find on the high street. We are also proud to support our talented British designers and manufacturers by showcasing new and exciting home grown brands, as well as searching worldwide for ethical, sustainable or fair trade products that combine contemporary design with traditional skills.

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Hello & a very big welcome to Maison Royale,

Our passion for individual, inspired interiors and a keen interest in design, led us to create Maison Royale - a homeware and lifestyle brand with beautiful products for you and your home that, above all, have superb quality, timeless individuality and great design.

We are proud to announce the opening of our first store in Darlington, County Durham in 2015. Where, alongside our gorgeous range, we are also showcasing beautiful, handmade products from over 60 local artists, designers and makers.

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Networking is vital to my business, not only does it help me to find new, talented suppliers but it also gives me a support network of skilled professionals who can help me to grow and succeed.

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