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Winning #SBS was fabulous for Marketme TV and gave us the wonderful opportunity to network with other winners up and down the country all of similar size and determination to succeed. We also met Thoe Paphitis!

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Marketme is a fast growing, multi award winning innovative marketing company specialising in building online target audiences for customers throughout the UK via Social Media and Viral Videos. Formed in late 2010, the company has been involved in many local and national projects already delivering fast and effective results to their clients.

We know how to get your business message across via the internet with our professional and imaginative marketing skills using the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In todays world of multi marketing platforms you are able to reach international, multi million audiences from simply posting the right kind of message on Facebook or uploading that special entertaining yet odd video to YouTube. We know how to interact with celebrities and business gurus to increase your brand profile online as well as putting your brand in front of high level corporation decision makers.

Marketme are based in Colchester, Essex and all our team are experts in their dedicated fields to include successul viral video specialists to social media managers who are interacting with celebrities daily via the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Marketme is already a multi award winning company with varied titles to their name to include an #SBS, #WOW, Innovation in Marketing, Excellence in Marketing and Business Innovation Tool as well as finalists in Google marketing awards and Archant innovation awards.

We also offer Free Social Media and Video Production courses from our offices in Essex.

My Business Tips

When people tell you that you are destined to fail, use that as extra determination to be a success.
Embrace Social Media when thinking through your marketing trends ~ Most occassions it is free to use and can give big results and gain you extra connections.
Believe in your idea... Live, sleep and drink your brand and always be proud when telling others what you do.
"Also... And a BIG Also! Lessons learnt in business tell me that paperwork is so important when setting up any business. Trust is a wonderful thing to have, but back it up with relevant share holder agreements, joint venture agreements and remember (as my business mentor advises me) 'the Devil is in the Detail'." Christopher Walkey.

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25% off all Professional HD Video Production & Social Media Services. Quote #SBS when calling 01206 70088 or visit us at

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