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1998. The middle of the Changing Rooms and D.I.Y SOS era. Home decorating TV shows were EVERYWHERE . And I got the itch . . .

Studying art and design at college and then specialising in Interior Textiles at university set things up nicely for me to venture into a design career. I started off working with a greetings card company – a great experience but my heart was still in interiors so I also freelanced for a few years producing designs for kitchen linens, bedding and stationery before deciding I wanted to go it alone . In 2012 I completed the At and Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course and Mel Smith Designs was born . . .

Since the start I have seen my designs in high street stores such as Marks and Spencers & John Lewis,, and my products in some wonderful indie retail boutiques across the country. I was thrilled to get the chance to collaborate with The Original Muck Boot Company and have now been working with them for 2 years. Following this I worked with Green Decore to produce a vibrant design for a selection of outdoor textile products.

My Bio


To bring bold colour and energetic pattern to your life!

Yes, let’s ditch those dull hues and embrace the yummy colour!

Hi, I’m Mel. I create fresh and upbeat patterns & illustrations inspired by those mid-century design kings (and queens). Translated onto a variety of home-wares and accessories, these prints can help transform your home into a space you truly feel reflects you and your splendid personality.

Whether you’re a brand spanking new homeowner and you’re all excitable about a place that you can fiiiinally call your own (oh you’ve waited so long for this, haven’t you!) … or whether you’ve been holding out for that one awesome statement piece that will make your friends stop and go ‘ooooooh, I like’ (and don’t pretend like you wouldn’t LOVE that!) … you deserve to have your dream home.

With their playful twist my modern-retro designs are here to brighten up a room and put a smile on your face . It’s as simple as that .

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