My Buzz

WOW!! Overwhelming, screaming, running around the house, excited and crazy are what come to mind! Not to mention how inundated we have been with twitter followers, press, new interest and an overall boost to business. YAY Milksnugz!

My Bio

Bill Gates wanted a computer in every home, I want every baby to have a Milkysnugz.

Milkysnugz are fully EN71 tested and hold the CE Kite mark they are also Machine washable at 30.

I am the only Yorkshire born Princess I know, Personally...... An empire I am building....

My mother and father had instilled in me that hard work pays off, something I was rather grateful for, as it came in handy raising two children, looking after a home and husband as well as doing my degree at Uni full-time and having a part- time job.

From working in high street department stores, to becoming a software tester to a feild sales consultant I've done many jobs and had a few careers, its good to know what you don’t like because then you can concentrate on what you love. Having got out the way what I didn't want to do I was able to create Milkysnugz, although I still have to work full-time to fund my project, Milkysnugz are an amazing driver though so it makes it a tad easier.

I took my concept and I flew to China in 2011, sourced an amazing factory that held the same business ethos as I and more importantly used the highest quality materials (I'm a perfectionist). A journey I will always be grateful I took, one I never thought I could take until I did, alone. A journey of hard work, self belief and passion had begun.

Milkysnugz arrived in the UK just in time for the launch at The Excel Baby 2012, Oh yes I was so nervous! My creation had come to life, I had invented them, named them, branded them, tested them, done research, yes I had put blood, sweat and tears in to them (OK not so much of the blood and sweat) and to add now, the consumers were loose all over them and they loved them too!! Mrs Ameera MacIntyre & Mr Donal MacIntyre, Stacy Solomon and a few others stopped by and showed us great support, it was an amazing launch. We even helped Edward transition from breast to bottle!

Four weeks later we went on to win Highly Commended at the BANTAS, I was the one screaming “that’s me, that’s me” I did a better job than the hired comedian did at making everyone laugh! Milkysnugz were not only accepted by the consumers, the nursery industry loved them too. A journey of greatness had definitely begun. The last 12 months has seen the development of Milkysnugz as a brand. I've gone on to secure IP, design rights and trade marks as well as designing packaging.

Milkysnugz are only 17 months old, they are an amazing product and have gone from aiding independent feeding, helping breast to bottle transition, helping with separation anxiety when toddlers are challenged leaving the bottle, most importantly they are friends babies/toddlers can rely on from a very early age. There are comfort blankets and now there are Milkysnugz, hugz your baby will love.

I have a global vision, I believe Milkysnugz is a brand that will go from strength to strength. I am working on projects that will see added additions to the Milkysnugz family in the coming future. We have acquired UK distributors who believe in the brand and we are excited about reaching the high street shops in a few weeks. The journey has just begun and I am so excited about all the places it will take me and Milkysnugz.

Anything that is worth doing will take great strength, I have achieved so much over the years, especially over the last two. I've made mistakes and learnt, sometimes its the only way you do. My self belief & passion for Milkysnugz is what keeps me going. I am finally doing something I love and although I am no where near where I want to be I know I am on the right journey...... An empire my children will go on to look after.

My Business Tips

Make sure you are doing something you love. Work hard and then work harder. Its your business have the courage to stand by it and drive it, your passion will become your success make sure you have bucket loads of it. Rely on you and make sure you put good people around you who are good at what they do.

Remember to give back, help others, if you have made it you know what it takes. We all need some support sometimes and others to believe in us too.

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