My Buzz

Winning #SBS confirmed one thing I have always thought: in business you need to persevere. I had been tweeting most Sunday nights for over a year. I can't tell you how excited I was when I got the notification than Theo Pahitis had Retweeted me! Then I got completely overwhelmed by all the congratulation messages and the RT's and Favourites. I am still buzzing and want to wish everyone who is going to tweet in the future to not give up. If nothing else it's a very good practice of a few versions of your elevator's pitch!

My Bio

I am Mimi and I plan and deliver wine-tasting parties that I enjoy tailoring to the hosts.
I am en ex-Modern Foreign Languages teacher, I am using the prefix "ex" very loosely here but my wine-tasting business is finally becoming my main activity.
I am passionate about wine in general and organic wine in particular. Wine is a much broader topic than most people think. I enjoy making people discover wines they have never tried before and, when applicable, I love telling them the stories behind each bottle.

My Business Tips

1) If you still have a day job when you start your business, then organise your business time in blocks of time in your diary and don't let other things get in the way of this dedicated time.
2) Don't take things too personally. Your acquaintances won't necessarily go out of their way to buy from you just because they know you. Winning "real" customers is what matters. Compartmentalize.
3) Don't be scared of having to say no to people who ask for freebies/discount if you can't afford to give them. There's nothing shameful about explaining that you are too small at this moment in time.
4) Keep learning. CPD is not just for staff and Knowledge is power.

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