My Buzz

Day 3 of being and #sbs winner, and a full inbox of new followers. Contacted local press and hope this will help raise our profile re our franchise launch.

My Bio

After achieving the 6 figure salary and all the works that I had aspired to, my mum died. I decided to try and create a package of memories for my kids that didn't involve me being at work all day. We lived in France for 4 years taming a smallholding, and I slowly became involved with new mums, and their babes. On returning to England I trained as a Doula, Infant massage practitioner, nursing bra fitter, breastfeeding supporter and volunteered for various organisations. My old colleagues thought I had lost the plot!
Eventually my house became too small to hold all the mums and babes coming round so the idea of mocha-mama was formed. Creating a safe a welcoming space where babes were very welcome, no tutting if they cried, good facilities and gorgeous cakes has been a pleasure and we hope to expand further.

My Business Tips

However much time you think it will take to run your business-double it!
Never forget your dream, look up occasionally and remember where you are going.
Set targets and celebrate achieving them, don't drown in the doing.
Get a bookkeeper as soon as you can, they can do the books 20 times faster than yourself and you can get one with driving the business forward rather than hunching over a calculator.
Enjoy, and if you don't, change it otherwise why are you doing this?

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