My Buzz

Wow! Within the first hour of becoming an #SBS winner my website had over 100 hits, as did our blog! Twitter also went bananas and we gained 75 new followers straight away. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

My Bio

Georgina Starmer, a mother of two.

I created Monkey Stars after realising how much a good night’s sleep makes a difference for happy family life. I never realised how much I missed my sleep until I had 2 children 18 months apart. As a new mother, I was eager to try out all sorts of products and spent lots of time searching the internet for things to create a calm, soothing nursery as well as ideas to make bedtimes easier. I decided to set up a one-stop baby sleep shop so parents could find lots of sleep related products and ideas together in one place. We are an online store providing bedtime essentials and nursery furniture, as well as baby slings and carriers, bath time products and travel sleep solutions.
Being a tired parent can be tough and I remember times when I literally did not know what I could do to settle my overtired/colicky/frustrated babies! I was never comfortable with the ‘cry-it-out’ method and found it upsetting and stressful for both me and my children. Instead we developed a happy and relaxed bedtime routine which greatly reduced those difficult evenings. I want to offer support and 'a shoulder' to parents experiencing the same thing. I have recently added a forum to our website and want to build a supportive community that parents can turn to for help and encouragement.
Our blog features regular competitions as well a arts and craft ideas, reviews, helpful articles and a personal insight into juggling a business whilst bringing up small children!

My Business Tips

Keep going! Sometime you may feel that all your efforts yield little in the way of sales but by keeping up your efforts you WILL see results.
Take the time to get to know your suppliers on a personal level and build rapport with them.
Be active on social network sites.
Create a blog to engage interest, not just in your products but also in you. You are then more likely to have a loyal customer base that keep coming back!

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